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A CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile – The Essential Ingredients

For Executives in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and many of the major cities in Poland, it is absolutely essential when applying for Executive, Director, and Managerial roles to have the 3 essential elements to the success, which include a Professional CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn. Having a keyworded, engaging and highly relevant CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile will speak volumes about your successful career to date. They say, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. This is especially true when it comes to the Executive Recruitment process. My greatest frustration as an Executive CV writer is writing a great CV for a client, only to then realize that their LinkedIn profile or Cover Letter is Sub-par. Every Head-hunter and Senior Recruitment professional in the world is looking at all 3 documents in order to evaluate your suitability for their company or client. Order now and let me revamp and excel your career.

The Cover Letter and LinkedIn –  An Absolute Must

Before the advent of AI, social media and ATS, it was acceptable to send in a quickly written CV that had your basis information. Some job-seekers are still working this method, and many are having disastrous results. When it comes to applying for any Executive roles, it is an absolute necessity to have your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn written with the same keywords and of the same quality. If you ask any senior recruiter or head-hunter, they will always be categorical in their disdain for trying to justify an interview for someone who could not even be bother giving the prospective recruiter the information they need. Make no mistake about it. Your Cover Letter is the first impression they will have of you, and your LinkedIn will be checked for discrepancies and inaccuracies related to your CV. Without all 3, you are doing yourself and your career a huge disservice.


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