The Gold Package – What’s Included?

In essence, the Gold Package stands out as our most sought-after offering, catering to Non-Executives, Expats residing in Poland, and individuals targeting diverse roles across various sectors. This comprehensive package encompasses all aspects of research, writing, formatting, and rewriting necessary to craft an impeccable CV and Cover Letter. Our commitment to shaping the perfect documents for you leaves nothing to chance. Secure your Gold Package by ordering through our secure and trusted payment system via Stripe below (€299 inclusive of VAT), or take the first step by uploading your current CV for a complimentary CV review. (Please note: If you’ve already received your CV review, proceed to place your order at the bottom of the page.)

the gold package

(€299 Inclusive of VAT)

Seize Control of Your Career Path with Pro HR

Past clients, spanning diverse roles and sectors, have successfully transitioned to more significant positions throughout Italy and the EU with Pro HR. They’ve discovered that possessing an exceptional English Language CV and Cover Letter is the most effective strategy for advancing their careers to new heights. Among the various clients we assist, a common challenge arises when individuals attempt to craft their own CVs – the difficulty in self-examination and the limited research they can conduct amidst their busy schedules. Whether you’re aiming for a new role or a different career, the services of an expert are essential. (Even high-achievers and business leaders benefit from the three-dimensional perspective provided by a professional writer.) Achieve a detached, fair, realistic, and independent portrayal of yourself by allowing us to take the reins. Place your order below or upload your current CV now.